**Remote Mentoring (PDF)

**Sharing iPad Screen on Zoom (can also use Airplay?)

**Podcasting as Assessment

**Virtual Museum Resources

COVID-19 Specific

Questions to ask myself when working on the syllabi

Weekly routine: What do you expect students to do on a weekly basis?

Flexibility: How much flexibility will you allow in grading, assignment topics, and so on?

Attendance policies: What is your attendance policy (if any) for synchronous sessions?

Late policies: Will you accept late work? Up to what point? Will there be a penalty?

Academic integrity: What conventions do you expect students to follow?

Technical problems: What should students do if problems arise? Who should they contact?

Communication: How should students contact you? How quickly will you respond?

Feedback from students: How can students share feedback with you?

Student interactions: How do you expect students to interact (and not interact)?

Collaboration: What kinds of collaboration do you consider acceptable?